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Delivery & Shipping IssuesUpdated 11 days ago

By default, JK will always ship boot orders with signature confirmation. This option helps protect you, the customer, from having your packages lost or stolen. However, we provide the option of waiving signature confirmation during checkout. By waiving signature confirmation, you acknowledge your acceptance of responsibility for the delivery without verification, potentially impacting claims for lost or stolen packages.

JK ships via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS). You will see carrier options and shipping methods during checkout. With USPS specifically, waiving signature confirmation can impact your ability to submit a claim for lost or stolen packages. Quoted directly from the USPS website regarding Waiver of Signature, "If a signature is not required, any insurance claims for loss of the package is void if the item's status/scan is Delivered in USPS Tracking. However, a claim may be filed for damaged or missing contents or for service failures."

  • What if the tracking information shows as delivered, but there is nothing at my door?
  • Your package may have been left at a safer location around/near your home.
    • Check your garage.
    • Speak with others in your household.
    • Check your mailbox; packages may arrive separately from your normal mail receptacle/location.
    • Check your porch.
    • Check areas around your home that are protected from the weather.
    • Check areas out of street view, such as a rear entrance, back patio, etc.
    • Check all exterior doors or locations around your home that are not listed.
    • Check to see if your package was accidentally delivered to a neighbor.
    • If you live in an apartment building, check with the office/facility manager.
    • Wait 24 hours to see if your order arrives. Sometimes, a delivery driver will scan packages as delivered only to complete delivery the following day.

If, after 24 hours, your package has yet to be delivered, please contact the shipping carrier.

  • USPS - United States Postal Service
    • Submit a Service Request with your local post office. Please wait until USPS has addressed your request before contacting JK Boots regarding a lost/stolen package.
    • If your service request with USPS proves fruitless, contact JK Boots, and we will file a claim on your behalf. Please know that with USPS, you can only submit a claim within a specific time frame. You can review all the information regarding claim submission for insured packages here.
    • Lost or stolen packages shipped without signature confirmation, as requested by the customer, are ineligible for a claim. JK Boots is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing orders under this condition.
  • UPS - United Parcel Service
    • Contact JK Boots, and we will file a claim for you. UPS claims must be submitted within 60 days of the scheduled delivery for packages that have been lost or damaged.

  • What if my package and boots arrived damaged or missing items?
  • Please get in touch with JK Boots customer service as soon as possible
    • Please provide a full description of the damage done and what, if anything, is missing.
    • You must submit a full array of pictures of the package (all six sides, top, bottom, etc). The images must include the shipping label with the sender and addressee's names and addresses.
    • You must also submit images of the damage done to the boots.
    • Please save the original packaging and everything included until your claim is settled; failure to do so will result in a claim rejection. Please store the damaged package and items in their current condition until the investigation has been completed and a determination has been made.
    • JK Boots will submit a claim on your behalf. 
  • What if my delivery status shows an attempted delivery was unsuccessful?
  • You should contact the shipping company to request a rescheduling of delivery. Each shipping carrier JK Boots uses also has the contact information listed below.
    • USPS - Please contact USPS to schedule redelivery. Make sure your tracking information is readily available.
    • UPS - Please use the UPS Tracking Support page for assistance. Make sure your tracking information is readily available.
    • DHL - Please use the DHL Missed Delivery page for assistance. Make sure your tracking information is readily available.
  • What if my package my package was marked undeliverable by the shipper?
  • Please get in touch with JK Boots customer service as soon as possible.
    • Make sure the shipping address on your order is correct.
    • We will update your address as requested.
    • Additionally, when we receive packages marked as undeliverable and returned to sender, our policy is to contact the customer to verify shipping information and make any necessary corrections.

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