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JK Boots offers an array of sturdy PNW-style handmade boots. Check out this article to see all the models we offer! Additionally, we have discounted boots for sale at our JK Boots Warehouse online store!

Work Boots - Soft Toe

  • 300 - The boot built for all of America! This is our entry-level boot that's comfortable right out of the box!
  • 300x - The same quality and comfort as the 300 model but with a Vibram 132 RedX sole for all work environments.
  • Arctic I - These fully lined weatherproof boots allow you to brave freezing temperatures while keeping your feet warm and dry.
  • Arctic II - Just like our Arctic I, but designed to withstand sub-freezing temperatures while keeping your feet warm and dry.
  • Climber - This boot is built for those who work above ground—way above ground! Whether you need extra support in the stir-ups while standing on a rung or peg or tip-toeing around live wires, these boots are for you!
  • Fire Inlander - This model has become the Wildland Firefighter's boot of choice! Made with NFPA-rated materials, such as technora threading with a melting point of 900 degrees Fahrenheit and NFPA-rated adhesives. The NFPA-rated Vibram RedX sole allows you to stand on the line and fight fires confidently.
  • Fire Inlander LTT - Our classic Fire Inlander model is built with a lace-to-toe (an additional row of eyelets).
  • Fire Inlander S - Our classic Fire Inlander with an 8" shaft instead of the standard 10".
  • Forefront - Your feet need a break just as much as you do! This boot's flexible design and cloud-like sole allow you to stand or walk for hours while getting the job done. 
  • Forefront 8" - Our standard Forefront model with an 8" shaft.
  • Harvester - From the crop fields to the porch, these boots have a sleek profile and watertight design that will keep you comfortable through long, hard days on the farm or roaming the dusty trails.
  • Honey Fire - This fire boot is a Wildland favorite for its maximum grip and support. It is identical to our Fire Inlander but offers a softer sole alternative with more grip and flexibility than the Vibram RedX.
  • O.T. - Quite possibly our most versatile boot design to date! OT stands for overtime. This hybrid work boot is meant for those long hours in all work conditions or for that last-minute hiking trip!
  • O.T. Pro - Our standard OT model with an 8" shaft.
  • O.T. 6" - As the name suggests, our standard OT model with a 6" shaft.
  • Superduty - Our flagship boot is a symbol of excellence and craftsmanship. This boot with a classic logger heel is designed to conquer the most challenging terrains and demanding jobs.
  • Superduty Honey - Our classic Superduty with a soft, flexible Vibram Honey sole that offers a better grip.
  • Superduty S - Our classic Superduty model with an 8" shaft instead of the standard 10".

Work Boots - Hard Toe

We offer many hard-toe versions of the models mentioned above that come with an ASTM-rated composite toe. If you're looking for a fiberglass or steel-toe version, you must speak with a sales representative over the phone, as these would require a unique build that's not customer-facing on our website. You can talk with a sales rep anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Saturday, by calling (509) 487 - 0154. See the list below of our standard, stock hard-toe models.


Are you looking for a work boot and you have a sophisticated taste? Check out our models in Bison leather! Bison offers approximately 40% more durability than our standard cowhide options while giving you reduced break-in times. You can read more about Bison leather here!

Custom Boots

Let us make custom boots that work for you! Choose the style and options that work best for you. 

** If you are interested in a specific feature and do not see it available for any of our custom boot models, please call a qualified JK Boots Sales Rep who can discuss options and if we can accommodate your request. Call (509) 487 - 0154 option 1. **

Special Custom Boots 

  • Caulk Logger - This great terrain equalizer is known for its fierce spikes, which provide traction in the most treacherous terrain. Its 4-lift logger heel helps you keep your balance, while the 8 - 9 ounce leather supports your feet and ankles.
  • Iron Hide - This cousin to the Superduty offers an ASTM-rated met-guard to protect your feet's metatarsal bones. The fireproof thread and shielding protect you from hot, molten sparks and heavy impacts.
  • Western Packer - Slip into the saddle and keep the dust where it belongs! This model is built around the classic 55 last and has two sole options: the 430 mini-lug or the 700 Bar.

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