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CreasesUpdated 3 months ago

Leather is a natural material and it often behaves unpredictably. Here are some typical areas where leather boots might crease differently between the left and right boot:

Tongue: We suggest folding the tongue inward to help shape the leather. However, it's normal for the creases not to be identical or perfectly symmetrical on both boots.

Side of Vamp: This part of the boot bends with the movements of the ball and toes of the foot, causing varying appearances in creasing between the two boots. The presence of safety or hard toes can further affect this area, as they restrict flexibility, resulting in creases forming only in certain spots.

Top of Vamp: Creases here may vary; they can be more noticeable near the upper part of the boot or may appear closer to the toes depending on the boot's design and your walking habits.

Side Uppers: Creasing is most common here, near the ankle. This is a natural occurrence due to the regular bending of this area during movement.

Understanding these patterns can help you anticipate how your boots will age and adapt as you wear them.

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