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My uppers are touching, what are my options?Updated 2 years ago

If your uppers are touching there are a few things that can help.

  • Thick tongue guards - These can be purchased separately or custom made. They simply add material between the laces, and allow you to tighten the uppers more than usual.
  • Cutting material from the back of the uppers - this is not a service we provide, so find a local cobblers or shoe repair specialist who is up to the task. Our construction allows for the backstay to be opened up, and leather to be cut back from the uppers, re-sewn, and put back together. This will result in a smaller upper and allow you to tighten them.
  • Custom uppers - this is only an option during a brand new build. Make this selection when purchasing new boots, and we will cut the uppers according to your measurements. 
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