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Order Change RequestsUpdated 16 days ago

At JK Boots, we want to make things as easy as possible for you, the customer. We know there are times when a customer may wish to change an existing order, such as size or leather color. This article will guide you through what change requests can be made and how.

Five Things to Know About Order Change Requests

  1. You can change the size, leather color, or model for all stock and made-to-order boots. We cannot accommodate requests to expedite a manufacturing timeline.
  2. All order change requests will reset the manufacturing timeline. An order change is essentially us creating a new order and placing a new pair into production if we do not have that model, color, and size in stock.
  3. All custom boot orders include a $100 non-refundable build fee in the base price, which must be acknowledged before purchase.
    1. If the order has entered production, we will require a new $100 build fee for the change. 
    2. If the order has not entered production, you will not be required to pay an additional $100 build fee for the change.
    3. You must speak with a JK Boots Sales Representative to change a custom boot order. Please call 1 (509) 487 - 0154 and select option 1.
  4. Some changes will incur an additional charge or a refund of the price difference. For example, if your order is for an OT Bison and you want to change the leather to Redwood, you will receive a $75 refund. Or, vice versa, your order is for an OT in Redwood, and you want to upgrade to Shadow Bison OTs; you would owe an additional $75 plus any applicable sales tax.
  5. We cannot honor the request if the change you want is not available as an option with any of our models, be it a stock or custom boot.

How Do I Request a Change to My Stock or a Made-to-Order Purchase?

Submitting a request is easy! Use the Contact Us form in our Help Center to submit an order change request, or call 1 (509) 487 - 0154 and select option 3 to place a request with our Customer Service department.

You can submit the request using the Contact Us form for all Stock and Made-to-Order boots.

  • Set the subject to Order Change Request.
  • Include the order number in the message.
  • Please provide detailed information as to the change you want.
  • Please allow 1 - 3 business days for our customer service team to process your request. They may also contact you if they have any questions about your request.

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