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Repair ServicesUpdated 11 days ago

At JK Boots, we offer several repair services to provide more value for highly esteemed customers like you! 

IMPORTANT! - We only offer repair services for PNW-style Handmade boots built using stitch-down construction. Stitch-down construction, also known as Veldtschoen, dates to the 17th century. Essentially, the vamp's leather is turned outward to be stitched directly into the midsole through the outsole. Our stitching machines lock the threading into place from the outsole through the welt, so even if the stitching becomes frayed on either end, it will do nothing to compromise the integrity of the sole. We cannot perform any repair services for Goodyear welted boots. 

  • New Heels - Our New Heels service will replace your worn heel stack and cap to be like new! This service includes a new Heel Stack and Heel Cap. 
    • $60 - The price may vary depending on the options selected.
  • New Soles - We offer New Soles for our 300, 300x, and Classic models and Caulk Logger boots. This service includes new soles, heels, sock liners, and worn eyelet replacements. The price may vary depending on the options selected.
    • $179 for all 300 and 300x models.
    • $205 for all classic models.
    • $285 for Cork/Caulk Loggers.
  • Rebuild - We completely rebuild the lowers of your boots and preserve the uppers. We are unable to modify or rebuild uppers. The Rebuild Service includes a new vamp, counter, insole, midsole, heels, laces, sock liners, and the replacement of worn eyelets. This service is not available for our 300 and 300x models.
    • $329 - price may vary depending on the options selected.
  • General Repairs - This service is for simple general repairs such as eyelet replacement, patching holes (if feasible), addressing loose stitching, and sock liner replacement.
    • The price depends upon the options you select.

Please remove laces, tongue guards, inserts (including liners and orthotics), and all excess dirt and debris for all our repair services before sending in your boots. Those items are disposed of when preparing your boots for repair services. JK Boots is not responsible for returning items in our possession if they are shipped with your boots to our facility.

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