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SolesUpdated 12 days ago

The unique value of custom handmade boots lies in their ability to replace worn soles with new ones, a feature made possible through precise construction techniques. The choice of adhesive is critical: too strong, and the boots cannot be resoled easily; too weak, and they may not hold together well. Think of it as akin to a sticky note, which needs to stick reliably yet come off cleanly when necessary.

Welt-to-Midsole Separation

It's normal to see some separation at the welt, where leather meets rubber. Leathers vary between hides, and the tanning process often involves oiling, which can affect adhesion. Here, the glue is just a temporary fix until the durable welt stitching secures the structure permanently.

Midsole-to-Outsole Separation

Minor gaps between these layers are common and not a concern; a thin piece of paper might fit, but this is normal. Significant separation, however, should be addressed. It can be caused by harsh removal techniques, physical damage, oil infiltration, or uneven glue application. Over time, leather fibers can also wear out. While it's difficult to prevent every potential issue, we reinforce these areas with stitching and screws to mitigate weaknesses.

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