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StitchingUpdated 12 days ago

At our custom handmade work boot company, we are committed to delivering boots that are both high-quality and built to endure. Our boots are sewn using machines, with our skilled artisans manually guiding each stitch for optimal precision and durability. We need to clarify a few aspects of our stitching process to set the right customer expectations.

Stitching Symmetry

Our goal is uniform stitching, yet it's natural to see variations along the stitch lines. Each stitch is crafted by hand, and while our artisans focus on strength and security, it's not uncommon to see asymmetrical stitching. These variations are characteristic of the handmade process and do not compromise the boots' structural integrity or longevity.

Loose Threads

It's common for threads to loosen at the start or end of the sewing process. This usually happens when the sewing machine's bobbin runs out unexpectedly, requiring a re-spool. The artisan will backtrack a few stitches to secure the line before continuing. Any loose threads you see are excess and can be safely trimmed without affecting the boots' durability.

We emphasize the quality and resilience of our craftsmanship over perfect stitch symmetry. Our boots are designed for rugged use, and we fully stand behind their quality. If you have any concerns about your boots' stitching or other aspects, please contact us. We are here to do everything we can to your satisfaction with every pair you purchase.

You can contact customer service Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time by chat, email, or call (509) 487 - 0154, option 3. You can see all of our contact options here!

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