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How do I get a tighter fit?Updated 2 years ago

It is a huge advantage to be able to slightly adjust the fit in the future because of other factors such as, feet swelling, cold temperatures, warm temperatures, insoles, a change of heart, or any other factor. Be careful when making permanent changes to your boots like rebuilds, or other things as theres usually no going back.

If the boots are too loose, you may want to try a combination of a few different things, to get that desired feel. Here are a few things to try; 

  • Insoles -  these can tighten things up considerably, and, they are soft and comfortable
  • Socks - the thickness or type of sock play a big role in how the boots feel. Some people even wear double socks, or, a thick winter sock in colder temperatures. 
  • Rebuild - CAUTION; this is a permanent size change, we only recommend this if you have tried all other methods and/or you are sure about permanently changing the size
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