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Sizing Tips and Boot Care

Tips and Help on how your boots should fit, troubleshooting any uncomfortable areas and general information to help you get to your preferred fit and feel

How do I get a tighter fit?

It is a huge advantage to be able to slightly adjust the fit in the future because of other factors such as, feet swelling, cold temperatures, warm temperatures, insoles, a change of heart, or any other factor. Be careful when making permanent change

My uppers are touching, what are my options?

If your uppers are touching there are a few things that can help.

Oiling Your Boots

We recommend you oil your boots before wearing them and about once a month thereafter. However, if you've just received your boots, make sure you are comfortable with the fit and feel before oiling as doing so will nullify your ability to return or e


We're so glad you're considering JK Boots! Choosing the right size can be intimidating when investing your hard-earned dollars into a quality pair of hand-crafted work boots. However, JK Boots gives you many avenues to determine your best size. Size